Mouse and Cheese

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 Mouse and cheese somehow does not go without each other. Cheese is not his only food, but it’s definitely his ‘first love’. In cartoons, movies, video games, and even in real life mouse and cheese always follow each other and somehow mouse always end up getting a piece of cheese. This small, valuable animal is always on the move and it looks like it was constantly hungry and constantly in searching for food. Some scientists argue that the mice actually do not like cheese, it’s a myth that they persistently followed, claiming that mice prefer foods with high sugar content and a stronger scent than it has cheese. Either way we can not forget all those cartoon scenes where the mice simply adore cheese. And on this beautiful animal photos seem to mouse simply enjoy it while nibbling on their favorite food – cheese!

Coming Soon

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hahaahaa You are Next..

The tiny bird-weaver creates huge nests on telegraph poles in the Kalahari Desert. Photographer Dillon Marsh project “Assimilation” shows how birds fit well with artificial columns in landscape with real trees.

World Most Famous Hill

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The Owner of World Most Famous Hill

15 Good Reasons

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15 Good Reasons to not become a vegetarian......

Stolen yacht washes ashore

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Stolen yacht washes ashore
Stolen yacht washes ashore, An 82-foot (25-meter) Californian luxury sailboat owner was shocked on Monday to glimpse the vessel on a television newscast beached and bobbing in the surf 20 miles (32 km) down the Pacific Coast from its Sausalito berth.

Whitney Houston FBI

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Whitney Houston FBI
Whitney Houston FBI, Obsessed fans can be a downside of stardom. It's why Whitney Houston's character hired Kevin Costner to protect her in the 1992 movie "The Bodyguard."

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